The Secret to Online Success: The Story of Click Funnels

Click Funnel Delivers on it’s promises

I have a love hate relationship with clickfunnels.  I LOVE them, because they are everything that I want to be, they are engaging, they are offering great products, they are offering a great community and fantastic opportunities to learn… I HATE them… because they aren’t… me.   Or more technically speaking, I’m not them.  

While researching Click Funnel for this post, I had to do a lot of soul searching.  I needed to really understand my block against them and the success that they say that they offer.  

From the outside looking in

Click Funnels is a great way to learn about affiliate marketing and coaching and training without having to leave the comfort of your home.  I’ve written about Click Funnels before but usually in the context of comparing them to other programs such as Wealthy Affiliates or Creative Cash System.  

Here’s the main difference… click funnels takes full advantage of videos.  They have created engaging and easy to understand videos that explain their offer in a way that simplifies a very complicated topic.  And they aren’t lying or misleading.

This is NOT a get Rich Quick Scheme

If you want to make money today, you should list something for sale on ebay, because that’s really the only QUICK money opportunity out there. Everything else, including Click Funnels takes time to nurture and accumulate momentum.

If you want to make money without having to invest any time or energy… again I point you towards ebay.  Seriously, do you really think someone is going to pay you to sit on your couch and watch netflix?  lol

The truth about online income is, you need to do something.  You need an offer.  You need to engage an audience.   You need to provide a quality product or service and package in an irresistible offer.  And that’s where click funnel’s steps in.

In addition to providing the step by step training to create exactly what I just mentioned, they HAVE the quality product or service already for you to promote.

How to turn Click Funnel Into something more

I’m one of those people that gets an idea and then looks around to see how other people are using it.  So, if were were all sheep… I wouldn’t be, I’d been the border collie, looking click funnels rookie quits job and works from homearound to see who’s doing what.

That is to say, I LOVE the training that click funnel offers and particularly their 100 Day Bootcamp that is designed to get you and your product offers up to speed as quickly as possible. I also love some of the other things I see happening.  For instance… there are individuals offering to mentor and coach the people they invite into click funnels.  Why is that such an amazing idea?  Look at it this way,  They get paid every month you renew your membership.  So, they want to keep you happy, they will work to help you succeed.  You succeed… you are making money.

You aren’t paying MORE because you stepped into click funnels through their affiliate program, no… you are paying the same monthly amount.

This program is probably the best Affiliate Marketing Opportunity available right now, BECAUSE of those other opportunities.

Click Funnel Coaching

Google the term Click Funnel Coaching or check out ways to subscribe here because the extra one on one support you provide the individuals ready to step into this opportunity is the one of the best ways to show up for your own success.  Find what works, and then spread the word.  Sharing your success in a genuine and authentic way will never hurt you and only help others understand your intention and help you gain trust.

Today I’m joining Click Funnels through their 14 day Trial offer.   I encourage you to do the same.

5 years from now, you’ll be looking back wishing you had done this… today.





5 thoughts on “The Secret to Online Success: The Story of Click Funnels

  1. Wenda, Thanks for sharing this information about Click Funnels. I will take a look at their webinars to find out more in-depth information. As entrepreneurs, we do need all the coaching we can get to help our business succeed, and it is good to be pointed in the right direction. I like that you said they aren’t lying or misleading.

  2. Great information on Click Funnels. I have heard a lot about them. I feel you can never have enough training and Click Funnels is definitely a platform that offers that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for my next opportunity. I had always heard of click funnels but I always categorized them with get rich quick schemes- because I didn’t know about them.

    Making money online isn’t as easy as many people try to tell you, and that’s what I like about your post. You are clear from the beginning it’s not another get rich quick scheme and it requires work and passion to really succeed.

    I’m actually going to sign up now and see what it can offer me, so I can add one more successful o line business to my portfolio!

    How long do you think it takes someone who is willing to put the effort in to make the first sale?

    Thanks again for this post , I’m really excited to start with click funnels.

  4. Thanks Wenda for the introduction to Click Funnels. During my ten years of involvement with affiliate marketing I never heard of Click Funnels.

    As you say, to make money we need to invest time and energy. Nothing happens without focus and dedication, and certainly not when it comes to making money whether online or offline.

    I can see Wenda that you are the border collie (your words). I would say you are a great leader and I am going to investigate what Click Funnels is about. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Many thanks.

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