Retire in 100 Days Challenge

The Retire in 100 Days Challenge

In a recent online webinar event I was introduced to Russell Brunson and his “Retire in 100 Days Challenge“, which absolutely captured my attention as well as my imagination.  As a successful entrepreneur who has evolved from his first online product (a potatoe launcher ebook) to his current multi-million dollar supplement, software and instructional product lines, I enjoyed his honesty and the fact that he offered the complete online course to complete the challenge FREE to his affiliates, through his bootcamp training. (check out his product 14 day free trial AND free access to Retire in 100 Days Affiliate Challenge)

The first step to retiring is knowing what it would take for you to retire.  The actual monetary monthly sum you would need to receive in order to stop going to the office every day. Retire in 100 Days Challenge Most people would shout out numbers like “A million bucks” and the reality is, you don’t need a million dollars to retire from your job.  The fact is, even if you want a 3 million dollar home, and you want to travel frequently and live lavishly, you still wouldn’t spend a million dollars a month.

To prepare for “The Retire in 100 Days Challenge“, let’s have a real conversation about what your retirement looks like.

The truth is, you don’t need a million dollars a month to live in a million dollar home?  No one pays for a home with cash.  You make a downpayment and you make monthly payments, right?  So, let’s start with a real conversation about what your retirement looks like.  Here are some things on my ideal retirement list: (all numbers are rough numbers and guess-ta-mates)

Beach House $2400/monthly mortgage

Lake House $2400/monthly mortgage

Spending Cash $5000/month

utilities fees and maintenance for both (includes cleaning service) $3000.00

That’s only $12500.00 a month.

My point?  Most people don’t realize what retirement looks like.  Most people haven’t even gone as far as the sketched outline I just did to understand where they need to be, to get where they need to go.  Let’s say, I under-estimated and it’s more.  I think it’s safe to say, that I can easily retire on $20K a month.  Easily.

What about you?  What does your dream retirement look like?

WHO will Take you Where you Want to GO?

Can we talk honestly now?  Most entrepreneurs (and you are probably one, because you’re reading this blog post on my site.) make the fatal mistake of starting with knowing your ideal clienttheir product first and then attempting to find a market.  Studies of successful entrepreneurs show that they do not start with their product first, but rather their audience.  They look at the solution they product… but start with the conversation about the problem their audience experiences.

Why is this so important, because the other most important trait of the truly successful is that they use their talents, and unique skills or abilities to connect and HELP their ideal client or customer.  They aren’t in it for the money, they are in it to solve a problem, to provide a solution and BECAUSE they help, and because of that attitude, they make money.  not the reverse.

Entrepreneurs with money as the goal, often fail until they change that mindset. It’s the difference between, “how can I make money” and “How can I help.”   Many times the fear of lack and loss stop us from being fully expressed and engaged with the people we are meant to serve.

Take a look at Kris Carr, or Russel Brunson or Deepak Chopra.  Each of these incredibly successful people started out with an idea that they wanted to help people.  In almost all cases, the best entrepreneurs are those that have either had success helping themselves or someone else and they want to bring their message out to more people. They want to solve problems and provide solutions

Why Your WHO tells you WHERE

Really understanding who you’re meant to serve will help you find where those people are hanging out online.   Russell Brunson tells an interesting story in his Free Affiliate Bootcamp about one of his clients taking his product to the big box store like Bed Bath and Beyond.  And them having a conversation with the buyers who said something like, “I don’t think that’s something Julie will be interested in”. And turns out that Julie is the name they’ve given their ideal customer.  You see, in order for the big stores to KNOW who they’re talking to when they create their ad campaigns and marketing strategies, they really need to know WHO they are talking to.  What that person looks like, what they think they need in their lives, what they think will make their lives better.

The BIGGEST mistake entrepreneurs make is thinking they know better than their client.  The fact is… YOUR OFFER MAY HELP… but if your “Julie” isn’t looking for that… she’s not going to find it.  Step back and think about where you were when you first started. What words did you use?

If your offer is something like, how to create sales funnels that easily convert to customers by providing exceptional information and services “… but your ideal customer is googling things like, “How to make money”  or “Top 10 ways to make money from home” … they are never going to find you and see your exceptional and really helpful offer that will completely change their lives.

Knowing your “Julie” will help you understand how to engage her in the conversation that will help you … help her.


successful online entreprenuers free lessonsI’m going to have to steal success formula from the recent training I attended (YES, that’s right… I’m moving towards retirement in 100 days!) to explain how it’s a two step process that starts… at the end.

First determine your end goal. I think we already discussed that my end goal is earning $20K a month.  That’s a nice, easy life right there.  And working backwards from that, I need to determine How many of ________  I need to (sell / enroll) in order to earn $20K.

For me personally, I have a $50.00 product (Law of Attraction Masterclass: Learn how to Harness Your Powerful Secret), I only need to sell 400 of that product a week to earn $20K a month.  However, that product is a ONE OFF product, which  means that it requires 400 NEW CUSTOMERS a month. right?  So, knowing what I know I can offer a product like Wealthy Affiliates  which offers a monthly subscription and earn about $25.00 per subscription.  That means I’d need 800 customers, but it’s a recurring subscription based product, so I don’t need 800 NEW customers every month.  Probably only something like 150 new customers a month to maintain the $20K against attrition.  OR I can choose another product line that offers my idea clients exceptional benefit and tools and software and pays a higher commission, like Click Funnels.

Where do you start today?

There is no reason for you to recreate the wheel.  No reason for you to venture into uncharted or unknown territory when there are SO MANY that have gone forward before you. LEARN from them. Take advantage of the free trials and take advantage of the years and hours and money that these successful people have pumped into their business ideas and use their tools to model your next steps after their success!

The Retire in 100 Days Challenge is actually part of the Click Funnels Affiliate program.  I stumbled upon the system when I was researching something else that started with “click” and their process is so good, and speaks to me so directly, that I was immediately engaged and signed up for the free webinar and trial. Click on the below link and you’ll get swooped into their marketing program AND you are all smart savvy entrepreneurs so I KNOW you’ll do what I did.  You will sign up… mark the date on your calendar, so you can get out if need be … but in the mean time take FULL ADVANTAGE of the free trial.  One of the biggest differences with the Click Funnels Affiliate program is the FULL TRAINING.  Complete and free.

Tell me what you think.

Your opinion is important to me.  What’s holding you back? What do you view your challenges? What did I write today, that really connected with how you feel?  Did you learn anything?

Let me know, comment below.

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