Ready to Make More Money with Your Website?

Are you ready to jumpstart your income and turn your website into a MONEY MAKING MACHINE?

No scams no schemes just good old fashion ingenuity and online tools.  I can’t possibly show you EVERYTHING here, but I’m going to get you started and if you have any questions, well, you know where I am.


You need an engaging landing page, a page that explains to your audience how you can help.  You don’t need a website for a landing page, there are plenty of great tools that create landing pages, but before you go off to “the google”, just hear me out.  Because I’m going to tell you about several tools that do EVERYTHING you need, and in everyone’s price range.

The Big News About Your Product… is NEVER really about your product, it’s ALWAYS about the problem it solves for your client.

If you’re blogging about a topic that you enjoy and you’re receiving comments and reviews and everyone loves what you have to offer, but no one is buying… it’s because they aren’t clear that you solve their problem.  Everyone, every hobby, every business… literally everyone has SOMETHING they wish they could change, modify, correct, or fix.solve client issues and make more money

Your Landing Page needs to speak directly to your ideal client and tell them exactly how you solve their problem.  AND STOP telling yourself that you don’t solve a problem, because if you’re on the planet, then you’ve run into situations and circumstances that you’ve had to overcome and … yes, change, modify, correct or fix… so all you have to do is talk to the people who WERE IN YOUR SITUATION… before you fixed it. 🙂

Most importantly, your first landing page should NEVER SELL ANYTHING.

Think about it, you don’t even have a relationship with your audience at this point, why on earth would they pay you $47.00 for something that only YOU says works!

Your first landing page is going to talk about how you solve their problem, and you’re going to offer to do it free.

Yup. I said, free.  (we’ll get to that all later)


You’ll need to “collect” the emails from people signing up for your free offer AND have a method for sending them your free offer.  There are literally thousands of online tools to automate this process.  And I’m going to share with you a variety of tools ranging in prices, but I want to make sure that you are clear about this step.  Most people get overwhelmed to the point of never getting past the landing page.

You will need to create (2) Emails.   A thank you email that will get sent to your new “online acquaintance”  and of course, the delivery of your free offer.

Most free offers are “ebooks” which is a fancy term for document saved as a PDF (portable document format).  And don’t worry, you can start working on your FREE DOCUMENT right now in Google Docs for FREE!  So, stop resisting this process and just let it flow.


Continue to nurture your relationship with your prospects and educate them about the problem you solve and how you solve it.

Retire in 100 Days ChallengeYou see that it’s never about the money, right?   That is the number one ERROR most internet marketers make, they “sell” their product or service in a “pay me and I’ll solve your problem” kind of way, instead of a … Let me show you how I will solved this problem for other people and if you’re interested I can do it for you too.  That requires nurturing.

Again, this is where MOST entrepreneurs slow down and often quit this very lucrative method for collecting leads and new customers, because they tell themselves they don’t have the “time” to be writing emails every day.  And this is where I tell them, they can’t afford NOT to find the time.

First, the program used for the landing page, and ebook delivery will probably have something called either Automation or Workflow, that means, that you can create the emails and in advance and as people enter the funnel, they start a chain of events.  You only create that “chain” once and it works and continues to work.  You just need to be a few weeks ahead of your oldest client.


YOU need to educate your clients.  Think about your product or service.  Isn’t there ALWAYS something that you have to teach your new clients or customers before they become return clients or customers?  Isn’t there a specific vocabulary about your industry that you need to make them aware of?  You are the expert, but your clients aren’t dumb… they will be looking for answers to their problem. When you spend the time to educate them and get them up to speed about the industry they will trust you.

My Product Suggestions

Free and Completely Manual:  Google Drive

Google Drive offers a FULL kit of productivity tools all Free, however there is NO automation, it’s all manual.


  • You can create video training (Google Hangout onAir)  which saves directly to youtube.
  • You can create a slide presentation with Google Slides (and use that in your video training)clickbank vendor opportunities
  • You can create a PDF with Google Docs by Downloading the document as a PDF
  • You can share your document online (as your free offer)
  • You can post directly and automatically to your Google+ social media
  • You can send and receive EMAILS using a Gmail Account.


  • No Landing Page contact collection (while you can create a google form, it must be embedded in a website, it is not a stand alone landing page)
  • No email scheduling or automation
  • No way to collect “leads” without placing form on website
  • Prospects would need to “send you an email” to get into your sales funnel

Inexpensively Priced – Automated (Has Landing Pages AND Email Delivery)

Sendlane  has 9 pricing models and it’s all driven by contacts.  From $9.00 a month for up to 500 contacts… to $1099 for over 200,000 contacts.  There is a free trial to get started… (click here if your interested).


  • Fully integrated and graphically pleasing landing pages
  • Fully automated workflow
  • Unlimited lists and campaigns
  • Very slight learning curve as the systems are easy to work out and instructions top notch
  • Automatic lead generation
  • Automatic lead nurturing
  • schedule or drip contact easy to create and maintain
  • NO WEBSITE NEEDED just setup the landing pages


  • Doesn’t easily integrate with Clickbank or JVZoo
  • Technical Support isn’t very good*

*I love Sendlane, but their support is terrible.  I literally had to go to their facebook page to even find a support email, the website loops and doesn’t bring you anywhere to contact someone and when I finally emailed them,  they kept referring me to their video tutorials, which … honestly… if the video tutorials were going to help me… they would have helped me the first time… second and third time I watched them!   BUT I LOVE this product, it is SOOOOOO reasonably price!email marketing relationship

Note: Sendlane is one of the ONLY email marketing tools that has landing pages, the following solutions are more expensive because they are a combination of tools

Landing page applications THIS REQUIRE an email marketing program integration

Instapages  $39.00/monthly or $29.00 a month paid annually:  GREAT integration with WordPress Sites, and other email marketing.  14 day free trial

Leadpages – $37.00/monthly or $25.00 a month paid annually: Also great integration with WordPress Sites, and a full array of email marketing integrations. 14 day free trial

Unbounce – Free Account includes landing page only, Starter is $99.00 monthly, or $79.00 monthly paid annually:  Great Integration with wordpress, lovely free landing pages with limited integration in the free plan, paid plans are very comprehensive.

I have used all three of these applications and as landing pages, they are wonderful.  They have a FULL array of tools and graphics and templates and as a user it’s very simple to create engaging and inviting landing pages to introduce your idea audience to your product.  HOWEVER (and it’s a big however) they are not email marketing systems.  SO, once you have someone pulled into your sales funnel, they need to integrate with another tools…. If you remember, Sendlane had it all in one place. One tool.

Email Marketing Programs

Aweber – A Weber is used by marketing greats such as Brandon Burchard and Jay Foyer.  How do I know?  Because I’ve received emails from them and followed links that had AWEBER in the URL.  Having said that, I don’t find it easy to use and integrate and because I had other tools that I knew better… I dropped it.  Pricing is good. Starts $19.00 for up to 500 subscribers

Constant Contact – I never liked this application the templates are terrible, really bad and the integration is difficult (to me) the pricing isn’t exceptional there is nothing really to bring me over to this application, except they offer up to 60 days free trial.  HOWEVER, I found that during my free trial there were several items that weren’t available on the basic plan and only the premium plan integrated so I ditched this one too.

Mailchimp– I love mailchimp and I have been using it for YEARS, they have different pricing, you can “pay as you go” or “pay per contact” or “pay for email sent”.  I was paying about $15.00 a month to send out my emails for my coupon websites.  THE ONLY thing that Mailchimp does that I can’t figure out how to do in SENDLANE is have my blogposts automatically send to my email list.  That’s easy in Mailchimp, but I can’t figure it out in sendlane… However, Mailchimp DOES NOT HAVE ANY LANDING PAGES.  They say they do but they are so primitive they look terrible.

NOTE: Instabuilder is a WordPress Plugin that actually installs a Landing Page Builder on your site.  It’s a one time fee of $77 for a 3 site license or $97.00 for unlimited self hosted sites or if you do websites for other people… $197.00 for unlimited sites that you don’t have to own.  I love this product, however it’s such a huge plugin that you can’t install it using the wordpress plugin installer, you have to FTP it to your site and place the folder in the plugins folder.  AND… (here’s the big one) there are no templates.  So, while you can create the most amazing landing pages, they don’t give you anything to start with, but instead try to upsell you to a monthly program that provides you with 1 template a month.  However, it is a nice way to keep costs down… if you’re looking for a landing page.

make more money onlineExpensive – ( AND IF YOUR READY TO INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS…. WORTH IT)

Clickfunnels One of the most comprehensive landing page, email marketing training and portal available.  And they know it… and you get what you pay for.  14 day free trial, then $97.00 a month, and believe me don’t click the link to their site because you’ll be hooked. Their message is powerful as they combine a topnotch landing page, sales funnel product with exceptional training and an incredibly and encouraging community. Clickfunnels integrates with nearly everything and their training machine is exceptional… they don’t however have email marketing, you’d need to integrate your clickfunnel’s product with one of your marketing plans.

If you aren’t sure where or how to start your sales funnel… I strongly suggest you invest in your business and join clickfunnel AND sendlane. 

Here’s why:  You can learn in 100 days everything you need to know about creating, nurturing and succeeding with your online sales funnel.  And you will understand once you get started that while the all of the lessons are designed to walk you through using the Clickfunnel tools, you can just as easily take what you learned and build it on sendlane.  Then, after you’ve learned what you need, you can cancel your clickfunnel membership and stick with the more comprehensive and more affordably sustainable sendlane tool.

(God I love the Internet!)

Summary:  The genius of your product or service will never be seen until you take action and decide to really engage your audience online.  This post details the three basic tools needed:make more money onliein

  1. landing page
  2. Free automatic Email content
  3. (not really stated but implied) all of which designed to step your audience into your paid offer.

My suggestion is to enroll in Click Funnels for Education., it will literally cut YEARS off your learning curve and remember to view it strictly as an education, their tools and methods can be applied towards the sale of ANY PRODUCT or SERVICE, just be open to understanding how it can work for you.  AND… instead of building your products ONLY on clickfunnels as you work through the lessons… ALSO purchase the Sendlane subscription (only $9.00 to start) Build everything you do on CLickfunnels here’s too… that way, you once you feel like you’ve learned all you can learn from clickfunnels, you can drop that expensive subscription and just stick with your Sendlane

Let me know if you have any questions… I’m here to help! 

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