Membership Websites that Make You Money

To make money online with a membership website, there are a few “gimme’s” that I’m not going to go over, but they should be mentioned.

  1. Your Membership Site must provide Value
  2. You must promote and/or market your site
  3. Your membership site MUST provide value

The fact is, if your site doesn’t solve a painful problem or provide some kind of pleasure, there is nothing that I’m going to say that will help you monetize your membership site.

Now, let’s just say, for the sake of this post, that you have top notch quality information that people are paying other people to obtain and you’ve decided to throw your hat into the membership site arena.

Starting a Membership Site from scratch is like building a house.  The FOUNDATION and STRUCTURE are incredibly important. A poor foundation will hold a good structure for a while, but not as well as a great foundation… and a poor structure will stand for a while, but won’t last the ravages of time or weather any storms… so all metaphors aside… There is a lot of things you need (more than can be explained in a single post) but I can get you started.

Your Big Idea.

When you think about, when you talk about, when you introduce your BIG IDEA, make sure you focus exclusively on “what you fix”.  You see, no one wants to know HOW you’re going to get it done… they just want to know WHAT you’re going to do for them.

So, instead of telling them about the website, the accessibility, the fun interface or 24 x 7 access… tell them about the problem you fix.  Talk to them about their pain, talk to them about their frustration and disappointment… and tell them, you have the solution.  Don’t tell them what it is, how it works or anything else. Just tell them you can fix it.

Your (Pre)Pre-Launch

Your pre pre launch and prelaunches should be designed to start the real conversation about your product and start your relationship building with your audience.  Right now, they are that… they aren’t even potential clients, yet. Your Pre-Pre-Launch will invite them into your offer and convert them from random audience into potential clients.

Your Email List

Done properly your pre-launches will be collecting this vital life line for contacting the people interested in what you have to offer.  It is NEVER too early to collect email’s and you can offer several incentives for their email “payment”, such as early bird registration, discounts, and more importantly allow your potential customers to provide input on the product you’ll be offering.

Membership Application

There are A LOT of membership applications, most have monthly fee, some are a one time purchase.  You choose whatever works for your budget, I like the one off purchases because it’s a “one and done” purchase which is easier for me to budget.

Another consideration is your payment cart.  Most people use paypal or stripe and I wanted to suggest that you consider JVZoo and Clickbank integration  as well.  The power of JVZoo and Clickbank is their huge database of potential affiliate marketers.

I attempted to use S2Member Pro and WISHLIST Member unfortunately both failed to integrate properly with clickbank.  I am currently in the process of testing Insta-member

Recurring or One-off Membership Sales

Sell a book, sell a course, sell monthly membership access, any way you slice it… it’s a membership.  Many may not realize that a single ebook sale is actually a membership sale.  Why?  Because that individual is interested in what you have to offer.

In order to make money, you want to take what people want… and continue to turn your information into products giving them what they want. Very often, we think we know what people want… but we don’t, OR we use the language of someone who has years of experience in an industry and we fail to meet our potential clients where they are right now… somewhere far far away from our years of experience.

REFRAMING what you offer

Knowing what you know now, about what you know about. How would you provide an ebook, or 4 week course that will solve a painful problem?  What about fixing a bicycle, what about cleaning gutters, what about changing a flat tire, what about marketing on facebook?

Look at what you solve… build a product… market it… sell it…  and then do it again, this is all possible with Membership sites.

What 2 issues do you need solved to get your membership site up and running? –> Comment below<–


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