Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email Marketing

Is Email Marketing Dead? Spoiler Alert:  Email Marketing isn’t dead. 

That’s like saying, Direct Marketing is dead and if that were the case, then we would all have less flyers, postcards, catalogs and magazines in our mailbox and we would put a whole slew of people out of business: Mail Delivery, Printing, Address Aggregates and more.   Pretty short post here, Title question asked and answered in the first sentence.  But aren’t you curious as to why everyone isIs email marketing dead? saying it’s dead?

The fact is, in the same breath that the online gurus proclaim “email marketing is deal” they resurrect it with another name.  “Online Invitation” or “Social Conversion” or “Sales Funnel Entry” it’s all about collecting an email address, and why is it so important? Because it is a free way to contact someone that you ALREADY KNOW is interested in something you have to offer.  It’s a free way to get your interesting and valuable product or service in front of someone that is already aware of who you are and what you offer.  It’s … the beginning of a relationship.

Imagine Email Marketing like you dating.

First, there is the honeymoon period.  This is where you are just getting to know each other, you give your audience the best of what you have to offer, and they eagerly read it all!

Now, just like dating, not all relationships work out.  Sometimes after the first date (email) your audience says, “Wait what? I didn’t think this was going to be like this!” and they stop opening your emails.  If you have MORE “first dates” like this then less, then it’s time to look at your material. Maybe your stuff isn’t on the same topic as the original blog post or maybe our emails are too salesy and don’t provide enough value, if you can’t keep the relationship going, then there is something missing.

Second, the planning for the long haul.  Like any relationship you can’t just sit back and let it slide, you need to invest time and energy into the relationship.  Continue to provide valuable information and offers. Ask for feedback, engage your audience and make them part of the relationship, ask them to meet you and expend a little of their energy by either sharing or liking or commenting on what you have to offer.

Finally, Long Term Relationship, your email marketing campaign is your lifeline to your most dedicated audience, the ones that come back time and time again. The ones that enjoy you and your value your opinion and information.  It’s so easy to spoil that and ruin the trust that you have been building, so you need to be very careful about how much you ask your audience to “do”.


I have been a long term fan of Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad/ Poor Dad.  I have listed to his radio show, and read many of his books.  In fact, it was his book that put me on the path to success in internet marketing 5 years ago.  Until then, I didn’t realize how I was my own worst enemy.  I’ll say this, it wasn’t the best written book… but it was one of the most powerful.  I like his Facebook page, I get his emails.  I trusted his opinion and ideas and enjoyed reading about them as they helped activate my own ideas about my possibilities.

email marketing relationshipThen one day, I broke it off with Robert Kiyosaki.  I quit him cold turkey.  Why?  Anik Singal.  I got an email from Robert Kiyosaki (yeah, I know it wasn’t really him but his marketing guru’s) and in that email he invited me to a webinar where I was going to her how I could make money online.  I was excited, and I trusted it to be a valuable webinar.

It sucked.

Anik Singal talked for 45 minutes.  In the 45 minutes about 5 minutes were actually about the program he was SELLING and the rest of the time was about how amazing he is, how insightful, how innovative, how easy, then he talked about me (his audience) in a way that was designed to make me feel like I needed him to complete me and only he can make me successful, and then the price of his program was ridiculous.  Incredibly overpriced, even the payment plan was ridiculous.  I didn’t blame Anik Singal. I blamed Robert Kiyosaki.  I quit his fan club that day.

So you see it only takes one mis-step to lose a fan.  It only takes one salesy inauthentic fast talking brute trying to bully you into a program that will lose your audience.

MORAL to the EXAMPLE – Treat your email list like a cherished loved one.

Silly, right?  No! Not silly.  In fact, I emailed the Robert Kiyosaki team about the terrible and disappointing experience and I got an autoreply telling me “they are sorry to see me go bye- bye”. Yes, I know don’t I even sound like a bitter “ex”.

Email Delivery System

Back in the day (when dinosaurs roamed the earth and AOL reigned king of internet connections) Anyone could send an email to anyone.  Now, there are requirements.  SPAM is actually illegal, so email marketing programs do require “opt-in” and sometimes double optin.  That means, that the person must first say, “YES, I want to recieve your emails” and then confirm it by clicking through a confirmation in their inbox.  Gone are the days of willy nilly email blasts to unsuspecting recipients.

This is GREAT NEWS because it means the people ON your email list are there because they WANT to be there.

social invitationsThe BAD NEWS is that it’s pretty hard to manage an email marketing program with only OUTLOOK, or GMAIL.  These are email programs, not really marketing programs, and that’s why there are companies out there that take care of the heavy lifting for you.  My favorite is MAILCHIMP, and I’ve tried constant contact, aweber and am currently giving Getresponse a test run.  I always seem to come back to Mailchimp because they are always give me the most bang for my buck.  However, as it turns out… Mail chimp isn’t very friendly to the online-entreprenuer family as it specifically prohibits ” Work from home, make money online, and lead generation opportunities” which is… really where the world is headed isn’t it?

Right now, more and more individuals are stepping into the online business arena and providing their valuable information and trading it for a commission on any products or services that may be purchased as a result. (in other words Affiliate Marketing)

That’s why I’m giving GetResponse a test run.  I’ll keep you posted.


Comments and website visits give your blog or website “Google Juice”.  It’s like a high powered drink!  HA HA HA HA  Seriously, in order for people to SEE your fantastic and amazing information they need to find it first.  In order for them to find it, it actually needs to come up in a page search.  In order for it to come up in a page search, it needs the juice.  It’s a vicious circle that is ONLY BROKEN by your intention to do something about it.  When you engage your audience with emails and ask them to take action, like “comment” or “click a link to a website” they are in fact providing you with JUICE.  The more people that comment or read your page, the more people will see your page.  YOU have complete control.  You can PAY For this traffic, yes. BUT if you’re going to pay, you should also consider the value of putting the systems into place that will help your ORGANICALLY drive traffic.  That system is called: email marketing.


Email Marketing is NOT dead, it just has a new name.  It has never been easier to turn your time online into online revenue, and I’m not talking about the silly online survey’s or ridiculously spammy, I’m talking about authentic and integrity based online opportunities centered around your passions, hobbies and interests. I’m talking about being able to create multi-streams of income in a way that is genuine and doesn’t feel salsy or pitchy.  Those opportunities are out there… and there are a lot of them.  The trick for you is to start.  You really need to just start.

You can start here at : Wealthy Affiliates and join (for free) a thriving community, the step by step lessons will walk you
through EVERYTHING you need start to finish

You can also join this new opportunity and get in on the ground floor: Creative Cash Systems, geared more towards heart centered ideas and passions turning time online into income opportunities.

Either way, you will only make money online if you start today.  You will ONLY THRIVE if you understand that your email marketing is a crucial piece to creating and maintaining your relationship with your audience. Don’t blow it.


5 thoughts on “Is Email Marketing Dead?

  1. That’s what so many of my friends told me. They prefer to receive information via text or Facebook, etc. I was frustrated for awhile, until my business coach taught me how to do it. Now it’s a matter of creating valuable content for my email. 🙂

    Keep these wonderful post coming!

    1. Julia,
      Most email marketing solutions allow for RSS… which means, that you can send your audience updates when you post to your site. I use Mailchimp for my coupon websites and when my audience signs up, they get a weekly email with the compilation of posts for the week. You can ALSO create email specific content… but this is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

      Have an amazing day!

  2. Email marketing is definitely not dead you are right about that! I have been collecting emails through Instagram. It is the best way to collect emails. You put a landing page on your bio in your profile. Boom everyone clicks and enters their email. Now you can market to the because they all want to know what you do and how you make money!

  3. I really liked your article. With me it was the same, i also followed one of these Gurus and they spoke of them hours and hours, that if you want to be rich you have to invest money etc, they may have reason but not buying a course of $ 2000 unless it is really good, but most of the times It’s not worth the money.
    E-mail marketing ? Of course is not dead and Wealthy Affiliate is so far is the best I’ve found.
    Thank you, great post

  4. I do agree with you that email marketing is not dead. In fact, it has become a more popular method that people adopt to reach out to more people and keep them updated on the latest posts. I agree with you that WA is the best and it has helped me to make a successful referral so far as I just started out. This has given me some form of reassurance and I am an inch closer to the path of success. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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