Easy & Fast Way to Connect with Popular Affiliate Opportunities

Easy Way to Connect with Popular Affiliates

The best part about Affiliate Marketing is that you are getting paid to write about your topic and before you even have 1 visitor, you already know one thing about them: They are interested in your topic.  It stands to reason, that if you’ve written about Mindful Meditation or Camping Techniques… whoever reads your stuff is doing so because they are interested.  In essence, they have come to you for 2 reasons: Entertainment or Education.  Either way, you KNOW at least one thing… they are familiar and/or interested in your topic (aka niche).

Most people (and we are not like most, right?) wonder how writing a 4 paragraph post about running shoes or cat toys can be lucrative, but we know.  We know that it’s not the post, article or short story that’s been written that creates the multiple streams of income, but the ads.  Google Adsense, Affiliate, Amazon, Bing/Yahoo, Clickbank, Clicksor and more.

There are several heavy hitters in the Affiliate Marketing industry and they are as follows:

  • Commission Junction
  • Linkshare
  • Impact Radius
  • Pepperjam
  • Amazon
  • Flexoffers
  • Shareasale
  • Clickbank

(I didn’t mention Google Adsense and Clicksor because they are more like search marketing, rather than affiliate marketing)

Some of these companies are easier then others to understand and use, and in all cases you need to be accepted into the vendor program to be able to earn money through website clicks.  Each provider has a huge database of opportunities, and it can be overwhelming to create your account and then decide which providers or advertisers to join.

The easiest way to find popular affiliate opportunities

This is so simple, you’re going to think you actually mis-read it…  but here goes.   Pretend to shop.  That’s right, pretend that you are your ideal audience and go to google and look for the information you’re providing and click search.   In Google, you’ll see a long list of results AND on the side a small square of shopping opportunities.  If you look you’ll see the name of the company that is advertising on good.  In the example I selected “Cat Toys” my results brought up Petco and Chewy.com.

cat toy affiliate

Let’s take a little field trip to Petco.

Once you’ve gone to Petco.com scroll all of the way down to the bottom of the page in the lists area of the footer and look for the words: Affiliate or Partner.

petco affiliate link


Click on the Affiliate Program Link and you’ll probably be brought to an affiliate page that will explain their program AND tell you where and how to sign up.  In almost ALL cases the affiliate program is hosted by one of the big ones I listed above.  Check out Petco’s Affiliate Page:

petco affiliate page

And that’s how you find the affiliate programs in your niche.  As a rule, I generally look for links for products or programs I’m reviewing.  Sometimes I’m already approved for the advertiser, and sometimes not.  In the cases of not, I usually apply for future articles and to be frank, there are times that I get declined for not meeting certain specifications of the advertiser, but the great thing about affiliate marketing is that there is always someone else providing the same type of product line that WILL approve anyone.

For instance, here is a list of the Commission Junction advertisers that approved my websites for posting their links, coupons and other advertisements.  As you can see all I typed in the search word was: Pet pet in commission junction

To Summarize

The easiest and best way to find affiliates popular affiliates in your niche or topic or target is to “pretend to shop”.  Once at the advertiser site, go to the very bottom of their website and look for “affiliate” or “Partner” or “Associates”.  Click on the link to find which one of the top affiliate portals is hosting their program… and apply.



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