DIY Easy Landing Pages / Sales Funnel Tools Review 2018

I am one of those entrepreneurs that see’s what someone else is doing and thinks… “I can do that” and sometimes I can… and sometimes I can’t.  In all cases, I try.  There are a few tips and tricks that I share in posts and pages on this blog and in my other one for female entrepreneurs and high achievers:  In all cases or watching how the most successful maintain their status, it’s their email list.

It’s always their email list.

You may think based on your own experience scrolling through hundreds of spammy salsy emails that email marketing is dead, but it’s not.  It’s just no longer all about the money, and it’s more about the painful problem that you solve.  The one solution that you talk about about that the mere mention makes your potential client pause and read the subject line of your email, and then click to read the body.

A good sales funnel will collect emails, a GREAT sales funnel will create relationships.  and it all starts with…


Whether you have a recorded or live webinar, ebook or powerpoint presentation, your landing page is your make or break point. This is the where you will need to convince the people you are meant to serve that you can help. That you want to help.  And you need to do it in a way that will provide them with the easiest possible method for accessing that help… their email.

The following are my TOP 5 favorite Sales Funnel / Landing Pages applications.  To be completely transparent, you will notice some links to these products. Some of these links may earn me a commission, but not all of them. (because not all offer affiliate programs) having said that, it doesn’t change the information.  These ARE my top 5 favorites…

  1. Click Funnels:  [score 91 / 100]This is a full service web-based monthly membership sales funnel application.  AND the monthly price is a little off-putting, ($97.00 for the basic package and $297.00 for the premium), however, having said that you get every pennies worth from your dollars.  The creators (headed by Russell Brunson have been creating funnels and training people to create funnels for over 10 years.  There are 4 or 5 easily modified templates for over 40 types of sales funnels.  It seems like hundreds of hours of training material and a very active and lively online community that is helping each other create wealth by providing what they have to offer through the sales funnels they create in ClickFunnel.  I am personally a member of 3 clickfunnel facebook groups and in each case, everyone is so helpful and willing to review your funnel and help you get to the next stage. As I mentioned, the price may be a sticking point for some people who are just starting out.  The monthly fee is $97.00 or $297.00.  The $97.00 a month price does not include the piece of the software called Actionetics, which is the backbone of the email and contact management portion.  To get the full use of the software the $297.00 membership is required.  This can be a tough pill to swallow for someone just starting out, however if the price doesn’t scare you away, I strongly suggest Clickfunnels.  You will be able to reduce your learning curve with all of the training.
  2. Instabuilder:  [score 80 / 100] This product is a “pay for it once”  application.  Right now, ONE PRICE COST OF  $77.00 for a 3 website instabuilderlicense of $97.00 for a unlimited license of $197.00 for developer license (unlimited websites and install on client websites).  I LOVED the idea of this application because it’s a wordpress plugin, which means it resides right on your website AND once you buy it, you own it.  It’s much easier to break even when there isn’t a monthly expense (especially for those just starting out) In general the software is good. Not great, just good.  It doesn’t have the vast instructions that clickfunnels has, or the crazy engaged community of people willing to help.   I really wanted to LOVE this product, but it was difficult to install (not just a simple upload, the application needed to be ftp’d into the directory) and once installed it slowed down my site.  ALL OF THAT and I was still in love… until I build my first landing page.  There are no free templates. nothing.  You start from scratch or you can take advantage of their many “upsells” and buy a template or two. (that kind of pissed me off) However, because we’re clever, we just looking at other people’s landing pages and we duplicated what worked for them and that also works on instabuilder.  I would say, that in this case, you get what you pay for.  You are paying for a software application, not the training or the upgrades.  Having said that… this is definitely a very good way to go for someone who is budget conscience.
  3. Sendlane:  [score 99 / 100] I discovered this product one day when I was chasing a rabbit down a hole.  I found a very engaging marketing program that used this application and I immediately investigated.  I feel in love.  It has everything, landing pages, easy email drip marketing and more.  It’s beautiful and easy and the monthly membership starts at… wait for it… $25.00 a month.  (I know)  This is NOT a clickfunnels, however.  The tech support is great, but there aren’t any easy ways to actually “sell” your products through this application.  And what I mean to say is, that Clickfunnels allows you to setup stripe and paypal so that when a client purchases from you they purchase directly through those pages without cumbersome redirects and clunky pages, sendlane doesn’t have that integration yet.  There is no digital warehouse stores on sendlane.  So, therefore, sendlane must be used in conjunction with another method or shopping cart.  However, as a landing page and email drip provider, this is an exceptional and reasonably priced choice.  Starting at only $25.00 a month.

  4. Mailchimp:  [score 75 / 100] This isn’t my favmailchimp reiveworite for landing pages, but it is my favorite for email marketing, the problem is that the invitation to join the mailing list is sometimes clunky and very primative looking, unless it is integrated with wordpress or another landing page application.  Mailchimp also has the payment integration limitation that sendlane has in that it doesn’t directly integrate and there isn’t a database of digital content that you can deliver after payment. HOWEVER, like sendlane is it is very reasonably priced. Starting as low as …  pay per use.  That means, always free up to a certain number of emails.  My experience is that mailchimp is a great way to create customer engagement and nurture relationships, but not a great “landing page builder”.
  5. Instapage: [score 65 / 100] I LOVE instapage like I love CLICKFUNNELS!  It’s Instapagea monthly subscription and starts at a monthly $79.00 for the basic plan, there are 4 variations.  Instapage is a web-based but that’s where the similarity to CLickfunnels ends, because instapage is really just… the landing page.  It isn’t the email marketing bit, it isn’t the product sale bit, it requires integrating in order to actually deliver your irresistable offer, however the pages, they are works of art. Simply beautiful!  And while I would love to tell you instapages is worth the money, if you are a entrepreneur looking for the easiest and most cost effective way to jump start your business with a sales funnel, Instapage isn’t going to anything but give you a wonderful vibrant landing page.   Now… it’s possible that you can create a landing page that IS YOUR WEB PRESENCE… there are great SEO tools and Google Analytics as well as the ability to connect to Adwords and more.  The challenge is to understand your desired end result… is it just to attract new potential customers or start a relationship?

I like all of these packages for different reasons, which is why I included them in this review.  However, they aren’t all great at everything (except Clickfunnels) and the only reason CLickfunnels didn’t score as high as Sendlane is because I feel like the pricing is too high.  I know there there are people that are paying it, and I myself am paying it however I feel like a small decrease would make it the end all … be all… of the sales funnel and marketing kits.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

Please comment if you have any questions.


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