Crushing the 21 Day Manifestation Challenge

Online Entrepreneurs all over the world are experiencing more success thanks to the launch of hundreds of high quality coaches.

Many of these high quality coaches also come with a high price tag.  We see prices ranging from $97.00 to $999.00.   Interestingly, there is another company taking a different approach.  Gabriel Publishing is offering 21 days FREE. And they aren’t calling it, coaching… but rather a Manifestation Challenge. 

Gabriel Publishing found here:  was previously known as Health Wellness and Success LLC, has a toolbox full of coaching & instructional acumen, so it was a bit of a surprise to see this 21 day program offered Free.   We contacted Gabriel Publishing to find out more about the product.

We sat down with a rep from Gabriel Publishing for a Q & A session.

OE: Can I ask why you changed your company name from Health Wellness & Success LLC to Gabriel Publishing?

GP: Well, we found that name to be very limiting.  Too many people had preconceived ideas about us, just simply based on the name, they never took a deeper dive to see what it’s all about.

OE:  Why Gabriel Publishing?

GP: That’s a great question.  If you don’t mind, I’d like to answer that question with a question.  When you think about the words: Gabriel Publishing, what are your notions?  What kind of feeling do you have? You can close your eyes to really get to the root if you want.

OE: Well I guess I don’t know.  I don’t really know any Gabriel’s and I guess publishing could be an affiliate publisher or maybe a book publisher.  I see what you mean, with Health Wellness & Success, it seems pretty straightforward and I do feel like I know ALL about your company.  Gabriel Publishing is different. 

GP: [smiles]

OE: I see your website is still under construction but you’ve already got several training offers on Clickbank.

GP: At our heart, we are coaches. We want to help.  Before we were approved for Clickbank we had to pass a stringent vetting process, but I think the best part about having our training available through clickbank is that we know when someone buy it, they are really interested in what we have to offer.

OE: Can you tell us a little about your current offers?

GP: We have (2) offers right now, Coupon Money Mastery 2.0, which is a soup to nuts training course how to create a thriving and profitable coupon website AND the Law of Attraction Masterclass, which is group of audio and visual lessons, for lack of a better word, that is designed to help the individual activate abundance in their life.

OE: Wow, those two topics are really different, what made you choose them to release?

GP: Actually, they aren’t that different.  They are both about financial abundance and they both address our perspective on what we think is possible.  You know, if you only think you can make money a certain way, you are only ever going to recognize certain opportunities.  Whether you call it, The Law of Attraction or a study of the subconscious mind, you are talking about the same thing.  It’s with language that we connect, my hope is that the students of these products learn… truly learn… and become aware of what’s working for them and build on that, instead of making excuses and never moving forward.

OE: What kinds of things do you have coming up?

GP: Well we have the 21 Day Challenge released, and if it’s ok with you I’d like to invite you and your audience to join us FREE for 21 days… it’s a free program, no spam, no extra emails, just a daily email designed to activate success.



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OE: Great! Here’s what I’d like to do.  I’m going to enroll in the challenge today, then 21 days from now update my readers… for good or bad, is that ok?

GP: Absolutely.

OE: Thanks, thanks for your time, and I can’t wait to get started. 

Summary: Gabriel Publishing, (previously Health Wellness & Success) recently published 2 quality products on clickbank.


Check out the Law of Attraction Masterclass in Clickbank here, and the Coupon Money Mastery 2.0 here.    We here at team will be joining the 21 Day Manifestation challenge (see the above subscribe button).  We’re looking forward to reporting our success back 21 days from now.  If you’re interested in joining us in this free program, I suggest you subscribe too. 

Make sure to bookmark this post… and we’ll update it as we go… at the very least… we’ll update you 21 days from now!!!!


Today is 5/28/2017:  Check back in 21 Days for the update on the program and the specific results






2 thoughts on “Crushing the 21 Day Manifestation Challenge

  1. It seems legit and 21 day free trial period just shows that I can at least try it. I actually have very good experiences with products which have free trial period.
    I hope I will have it with Manifestation Challenge too.

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