Create a Sales Funnel in 2 Easy Steps

What is a Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is an invitation for your audience to learn how to solve one of their most pressing problems or challenges.  It’s less about YOU MAKING MONEY, and MORE about YOU STARTING A CONVERSATION.

Yes, there are A LOT of people that have astounding promises with AMAZING video’s detailing how you’ll change your life overnight.   Those funnels work because the funnel makers spend A LOT of money promoting them and getting them in front of as many of their target audience as possible.

You and I are different. You and I are going to create a funnel, that is going to invite your target audience to find out more about what you have to offer in a genuine and authentic way. 🙂

It’s OK to promise the moon, as long as you can deliver.

Step One: Your Special Offer or Free Giveaway

Your irresistible offer needs to solve a painful problem.  Whether it’s driving traffic to a website through social conversations or learning how to drive a car… you know your audience and you know what they need to know.

While I say that Step one is a “free offer” it’s important to understand the value of an email address.  Consider it a type of currency.

You are offering something and in return, your audience is paying with their email.

Your invitation hinges on the fact that you are asking for an email.  You are inviting your target audience into your email marketing and in order to do that, they will need to give you their email.

Your offer must OVER PROVIDE the perceived value of the email.  In fact, you want your audience to feel like they could have spent REAL money on the information you’ve given.  This starts your relationship off on the right foot.  They are starting to trust that you A) Have something to offer them and B) You aren’t going to try to cheat or scam them.

EASIEST offer to produce and provide is an informational ebook. (an ebook can be as short as 3 pages and as long as 30, there are really no limits. The only thing that matters about ebooks is their value. They MUST provide value. See my writeup about 4 Easy Steps to a Popular EBook.)

Whether you call your ebook a course, program or book, the fact is it is electronically delivered and can be easily setup to deliver 24 x 7.

Once you have your Free Offer ready …  You need Your Invitation

Step Two: Your Invitation

Whether you call it a sales funnel or a social invitation, you need a way to invite your audience to receive your special offer or free giveaway.

For the wordpress website there are a few great plugin’s that create Landing Pages, but at the end of the day, you will need an email marketing program to capture the leads then do something with them.  I have a love / hate relationship with Mail chimp.

I LOVE Mailchimp because it’s so easy and inexpensive. They value me (their customer) and my mailing list.  However, they are not  friendly to the expert industry.  They have several functions that block “work from home” or “online business” type keywords or mailers.  and that’s good and bad.  Good because it helps everyone with their email deliverability…. BAD because, most of the audience “online entrepreneur industry” use “work from home” or “make money online” when they search online.  It’s the most popular keyword.

It’s how most of us started our businesses, right?  We started by looking online for what’s possible.

Now I use Sendlane.  

Sendlane has a few more bells and whistles then Mailchimp plus a more user friendly interface.  So, far I haven’t run into any issues with email deliver-ability and their themes and templates are geared towards the online represent and online business integration. Sendlane also has a very friendly pricing scheme, that is driven mostly by the number of contacts, so for someone just starting out they get access to everything for only $9.00 a month

use sendlane for marketing


Step one:  Create your irresistable Offer

Provide a solution to a painful problem. Really speak to your audience and let them understand that you know and that you’re here to help.

Step Two: Deliver it and collect the emails.

Provide the solution FREE with only the email as the payment.  Their time is valuable, their email is valuable, make sure to OVER PROVIDE value when you do send them their free offer.



2 thoughts on “Create a Sales Funnel in 2 Easy Steps

  1. That is a great way to build a good relationship with your readers. I love the tips you share on your site. Very instructional and with lots of value. Great way to build a funnel! Thank for this information.

  2. I know building a sales funnel is a lot more difficult than it seems, and it certainly takes a good lot of your time and effort. This is a great introduction though to let people know how to build their email lists and build a trusting relationship, which are super important aspects of a sales funnel.

    Great read! Thanks!

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