Click Bank University – The ONLY Honest Review You’ll Read

About Me.   I’m an online learning junkie.  I love it. I love to learn new stuff, then write about it.  There’s a chance that I’ll have affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to tell it like it is.  Affiliate links are my bread and butter… As my mother always said, “You can’t be the light of the world, if you can’t pay your electric bill” and I’m taking the time to tell you this now, because I want you to REALLY pay attention to this review.  Like me, don’t like me… like that I have affiliate links in my post… don’t like it… put that aside for a minute and just read.  Because this post might chance your life.

The Overview

Clickbank University has (2) main courses: Becoming a successful Clickbank Affiliate and Becoming a successful Clickbank Vendor.  In each case the lessons are ALL video based online easy to follow and relatively short.  Product is produced by (2) young men who are successful, each one either as an affiliate or as a vendor.  They bring their skills, and retrospective insight to the courses and will literally shave years off your learning curve if you are a beginner or the laptop life

The Product

Clickbank University is a monthly subscription membership system where you pay a monthly fee of $47.00 a month for the courses. Both the affiliate course and the vendor course are video instruction with an occasional pdf download.  The affiliate marketing instruction is foundation work and then more specific work walking the student through discovering their own lucrative online path.  It was refreshing to see that it wasn’t all about money, the instructors always encouraged authenticity.  The Vendor course is also exceptional, in that it starts with the foundation and works towards the culmination of an online product.  The Vendor course, also includes the upsell to Clickbank University.

My Review

When I joined this product is was the new release and recently completely retooled, when I read the reviews (before joining) I saw that it had been around a while, but in reading the newly released sales pages, it was also newly revised.  I went through the Clickbank University Affiliate Course in under a month.  I already KNEW the information they were providing but found it to be a nice refresher.

The Clickbank Vendor lessons were all new to me.  Becoming a Clickbank Vendor isn’t that easy.  Clickbank has very strict rules and systems in place to make sure that every product promoted through clickbank is a legitimate and genuine product.  My difficulty is that my product was not an easy product.  The easiest product to sell and deliver on Clickbank is a downloadable PDF product. (an ebook)  Because it can be setup right on the clickbank site and all that’s needed is a landing page.  Me, of course, I want to sell a 10 week course. The clickbank vendor lessons did LITERALLY shaves years off my learning curve because I would have hit any of the several road blocks and given up.


I strongly suggest Clickbank University to anyone interested in affiliate marketing and especially if to someone interested in becoming a clickbank vendor.  The course is a membership course of $47.00 a month, and you can cancel at any time. That’s what I did.  It took me 2 months to get through all the lessons, and after they were completed I cancelled my membership.  In a nutshell I paid $94.00 to learn college level understanding of this system and it was EVERYTHING I needed to know to implement Clickbank properly and easily into my online business and creating additional income streams.

The Most Important Upsell

Like all good online programs, there’s an upsell.   Sadly, the upsell that I entered into is different then the one that is currently offered… but it’s equally as important so pay attention.
 The Clickbank University Upsell is their Clickbank Builder.  The clickbank builder is expensive and is currently listed at $297.00/yr.  When I joined it was a life time membership of $297.00.   Having said that, it didn’t take me long to break even to cover the $297.00 that I paid.

Here’s why I strongly suggest the clickbank builder. The clickbank Builder comes with it’s own set of training, and the ability to product/ host an unlimited number of clickbank products.  There is one catch… this builder is geared towards video based products and instruct-ables or a one time digital download.   Not a huge problem unless you wanted to build a multi-media product like a Udemy Course…

With the Clickbank Builder I had my clickbank product up and on clickbank in hours.

I literally went through all of the things that I had ever put together as a “course” or “instruction” and I put together a course… and viola!

Now, there are some things to know… (which I learned in the two months that I was a member of the clickbank university) and those things are mostly about how to take what you know and find a niche that’s already popular on clickbank and tap into that success.

The producers of Clickbank University and Clickbank Builder are sincere and genuine and their lessons are not salsy or pushy with constant upsell… they literally focus on providing you with the best and most current information.  Truth be told, I resisted the Clickbank Builder and I set out on my own to build my clickbank product, and in the end spent Twice the $297.00 and failed… but when I returned and purchased the clickbank builder I saw First, how easy it was and Second, it’s limitations.

My Suggestion

I found A LOT of value in the course. Even thought I knew most of the Affiliate portion, I didn’t know it all. AND listening to a very successful affiliate marketer reaffirm my own activities and processes was very encouraging.  The vendor course was all new. I don’t know why I didn’t step into this piece of income sooner, but instead had been trying to sell my programs on my own site for years… INSTEAD of tapping into the thousands of people interested in earning commission by selling my product for me!  Amazing.

I found a lot of value in the Clickbank Builder, to be honest, I’m not sure if I would have purchased as soon as I did if it didn’t have a special offer of lifetime membership… because I always think I can find another way to do things, and sometimes I can… and they are easier and less expensive… and sometimes I can’t.  I can say that this builder is the easiest way to get your clickbank product created and on the clickbank marketplace.

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11 thoughts on “Click Bank University – The ONLY Honest Review You’ll Read

  1. There is so much information on this page. I especially appreciated your thoughts on Clickbank as I am looking at that too, you have reignited my wish to do the Clickbank University course but I will wait till I am finished working through WA
    I do not like the pop up ad that comes on when first opening the page but it doesn’t hang around too long. I would prefer to hit an opt in link at the bottom, but thats just a personal opinion.

    1. Thanks for the your comments especially your input on my pop-up. I get it. You can be the biggest juiciest sweetest peach in the store… and there will always be someone that doesn’t like peaches. 🙂 I’m not necessarily a fan of pop-ups and I’m kind of testing them out. Thanks for your vote (even if it was a no) HA HA HA HA HA

  2. I found your article very informative and it’s good to hear that clickbank university is very helpful if you’re interested in affiliate marketing and becoming a clickbank vendor. The $47.00 a month training is not bad if you can finish the training with 2months. Do you think it is possible to make it done within a month? The clickbank builder is also interesting as this seems very helpful in setting up your very first sale. My other question is, do you think the $297.00 investment is worth it?

    1. First: You asked if you could complete the training in 1 month. I think yes. BUT you would have to be diligent AND you would have to email the support people to “unlock” the content. The content is designed to open based on the course levels that you completed and weekly. I had to email them to open the lessons… they were very responsive and quickly allowed me all access.
      Second: Is $297.00 a good investment. IF you are going to be a clickbank vendor and IF you are going to sell a digital product like an ebook or video instruction with an ebook or maybe several downloadable workbooks or sheets… then yes. It streamlines the process, it automatically completes the hard to master clickbank requirements and verbage. PLUS there are a lot of tutorials showing you how to do what you want to do. ME? I’m a little geeky… the format in the clickbank builder was a little limiting. I wanted to sell a course. It had about 20 pieces and although I figured out a work around their tech support was constantly yelling at me to cut it out! HA HA HA HA HA HA

  3. Very interesting. Thanks Wenda. I’d not considered Clickbank Builder before now, but if you’re reaping benefit, then I think I may just follow suit. Like you say, cost is prohibitive, but if you’re saying that you realised the ROI, then I am sorely tempted. Thanks for sharing. Always great to read about new tolls out there.

  4. I love your mother’s quote. It’s so true. I wonder about these “university” courses. I often wonder how many monthly payments it will take before I am able to begin generating an income to offset the expense of the education. You had/have a product where I’m someone considering getting into affiliate marketing. As you’ve been in this longer, can you offer an honest idea as to how long to expect it would take to begin seeing financial results?

    1. You ask about how long it will take to see financial results? That’s a very good question and it’s important to know that having a specific goal is very activating and if you just want to “see some results” then it shouldn’t take long. However, if you want to quit your day job… you’ll need to have a very specific goal. For instance, how much would it take for your “quit” your day job? $7000 a month? $12000 a month? You really need to have that number in your head, because without that number, you will only ever “make some money”. OK… now the answer to the question you really asked. I made (2) sales within the first 30 days of becoming a clickbank vendor. but it was pretty quick turn around for the effort. I am NOT making 2 sales a day, or even a week. That’s why it’s important to understand… the KEY to online income is MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. Wealthy Affiliates is a great way to set yourself up for multiple streams of income. Click Funnels is also really great!

  5. Thank you for this detailed review, I personally love Clickbank but never took their university courses… I’m glad I came across your post.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  6. I have read some reviews about Clickbank University but it is the first time I learn about their builder. I think that it makes sense now, why the most Clickbank sales pages are so similar.

    Anyway, I did not like the idea of the $297 upsell but I will try the basic program. It is at a fair price and I am looking for new ways to get traffic and leads.

  7. Hi Wanda,
    Your information about Clickbank University is worth considering, however I am the type of person who can focus on only one thing at a time….(I am a male, and as everyone knows, men are terrible at multi-tasking). I have no objection with paying $297 nor wondering if this is a good investment or not. I never think of price when I purchase something I really believe in or want, as the quality of the item purchased is what is remembered, long after the price is forgotten. I have just joined the Wealthy Affiliate program to learn about becoming an affiliate marketer, not because I really want to be one or because I want to quit my job, (seeing that I have already retired from the Italian Army) but because I know that I need to keep my brain active, not just my body.
    I don’t expect to earn even one cent from my survival website, but that’s perfectly fine, as I am enjoying the process of learning and that is all that matters to me, not making money…..And sharing my knowledge that I’ve acquired during my nearly thirty odd years in the military with whoever visits my site.
    I suppose after some time, after I have learnt the basics that I am being taught through WA, I could and probably will need something else to challenge me. I will bookmark your site until I am ready, but I expect that I will be contacting you sooner than you think, if that’s alright with you.

    1. Yes, you’ve reminded me that everyone has their own reason WHY. I LOVE Wealthy Affiliates because the training is top notch, but more than just the training the community is very active. There are always fantastic ideas and camaraderie in the chats, forums and threads. I get you. I’m with you about the learning thing… it’s almost an addiction for me… I always want to know… “How can I do that?” and while, earning money is great, I feel like the education is worth the price! Thanks for the comment.

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