Click Bank University – 2017 Review

Product Name: Click Bank University 2.0

Product Creator: Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan

Price: Free trial, $47 per month (with upsells)


The Verdict: 100% Recommended (for most)

click bank university honest review

What is Click Bank

Click Bank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing marketplaces online.  With thousands of affiliate marketers making profits each year both promoting existing products and offering commission for their own products.  Click Bank has an exceptional reputation now, although it was not always known for it’s reputation.  The checks and balances currently in place have created a venue for anyone who has a valuable product or service and is interested in getting the word out through affiliates.

[Affiliates are individuals that will be paid commission for any sales through customer click-throughs using an assigned link]

What is Click Bank University

Click Bank University  has gone through at least one revision and is split into (2) categories.  One half of the lessons are geared towards affiliate marketing and the lessons walk the user step by step through setting up and engaging an audience to drive traffic towards the affiliate links that will pay income.  The other half of the lessons are instructions about becoming a vendor. About creating and packaging your product and offering to pay an affiliate commission by promoting it on the clickbank market place to other affiliate marketers.

Click Bank University is the real deal.

The step by step lessons are easy to digest videos, most under 10 minutes. Most with downloadable PDF’s so you can read and reference material after watching the video.  The conversational instructional style is authentic and sincere. This is a refreshing departure from most online instructions in this genre which tend to be pitchy and salesy treating the audience as if they are cattle being led to slaughter.  Click Bank University is different. 

I have been making money online for over 15 years and have found this program to be a breath of fresh air.

As I listened to the content and watched the video’s and read the material there was never a moment that I felt at odds with the overall goal of the program.

The goal is to teach the student how experience success as either an affiliate marketer or as a product vendor in click bank.


  • Free Trial
  • Affordable monthly fee after free trial
  • Instructions show how to success being authentic and sincere, not pitchy or salsy
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Detailed lessons, accessible at any time
  • (2) Programs in (1): Learn Affiliate Marketing and Learn to be Product Vendor
  • Currently no affiliate program to promote this product, so that means the reviews are probably mostly legit
  • I found the support to be very responsive and received email replies within 24 hours each time.



  • Upsell -> while not required, at a certain point you need to either purchase the upsell or find another solution for landing pages
  • Missing Information -> Email Marketing is referenced as a must have, without any direction about third party solutions like mailchimp, constant contact or aweber
  • Access lasts only as long as you pay
  • No affiliate link for promoting product -> no real incentive to write reviews (except to keep our audiences informed)
  • MASSIVE UPSELL -> I know I mentioned the upsell, but I really can’t stress enough that without purchasing their BIG TICKET PRODUCT called: ClickBank Builder which I believe is another $297.00 (not a huge amount of money) However, I think that might not be a one time fee.


Overall I’m a fan of this product.  The lessons are well laid out, and the instruction is isn’t pushy or disingenuous, infact I would say that these guys are the real deal, and while they are certainly in the industry to make money, they are now happy to share their tips and tricks for taking your passion and turning it into income.

I also like the ‘idea’ of their Clickbank Builder which creates websites, landing pages and helps individuals create a landing page to sell or promote click bank affiliate products.

HONESTLY.  Even if everything were said and done, and the average user purchased both products, at $861.00 for the year that’s still only $71.00 a month.  Wouldn’t you invest $71.00 a month if you saw the potential to earn that in a week? So, I think this is a good product for many people, maybe even most people.  The guys aren’t salsy and they aren’t pushy but take the approach of teaching you how to provide solutions for your audience in an authentic and meaningful way.

The fact is, that there is no program that is going to be 100% of everything that you need.  There is a GLARING hole in this product as it references email marketing but doesn’t provide a meaningful direction or solution.

Many of you know that I LOVE Wealthy Affiliates and I rarely let an opportunity go by where I don’t compare it to whatever other opportunity I’m taking the time to review.

I will say this… I am personally using BOTH of these programs and (in writing this review) have also decided to step into the CLICKBANK BUILDER.

The trick to online income is multiple streams of income.  Putting all your eggs in one basket, is only going to give you a basket of eggs.  Creating baskets for the thousands of other things possible… will give you so much more.


5 thoughts on “Click Bank University – 2017 Review

  1. Interesting, I’ve heard of click bank as an affiliate network but I didn’t know that they had a training program of some sorts. How long does the free trial last and how much do we get with it? I might just check it out.

    If the material is good I might be interested in the vendor training because as you said, we don’t wanna put all our eggs in one basket and I’ve been looking into that for some time now. Overall I think click bank university being as reputable as they are should be a solid investment.

  2. Thank you for your review. You help me decide in want direction I want to go. I think about Click Bank University,
    but I did know about ClickBank Builder and that they do not have affiliate link for promoting product. That is big thing if you want to write a reviews.
    I lie your site a lot!

  3. Click bank seems to have solid training program, I have heard so many people talk about their experience and for the most part most person gives it a thumbs up. I believe even though this program may have some flaws you can still go a long way in making a good earning.

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