The Cheapest Webinar Platform will Surprise You

Why Consider a Webinar as a Marketing Tool

As an online entrepreneur you may have wondered why there are so many “video” landing pages and online webinar offers.  The answer is simple, they engage your audience.

The online video is the easiest method for bringing your message out to the most people.  Think about your product or service offer.  Think about how much of your time is actuallysocial media marketing wiht webinars to educate saying the same thing over and over again. This is called the EDUCATION  phase of your new client / customer relationship.  This is the period of time that you take to tell anyone that will listen how you solve their problem, in the hopes that they will be interested in what you offer.

  • You may talk about the problem you solve, so that your audience knows that you understand their struggle.
  • You may talk about the side effects of allowing the problem to go unattended or resolved, so that those listening can connect and recognize their own experience.
  • You may also talk about some ways that people try quick fixes and how they may fail or even make the problem worse.

This education  is important for building rapport and trust.  Not in a slimey salsy or pitchy way, but through genuine and authentic sharing of information.  The challenge with having this conversation is… that you need to have it with EVERYONE.  One by one you talk to people or companies and tell them “what you do”.

I imagine a good education  dialog would average about 40 minutes per person or group.  The challenge for you, my entrepreneurial friend, is that it’s only AFTER that education conversation that you find out if they are interested.   Business owners, sales people, entrepreneurs across the country have discovered that leveraging their time and connecting with more potential clients through social media helps weed the “definitely NOT interested” people from the garden.  AND they are connecting with their audience through webinars.

Webinars are the essence of leverage your time with the one to many paradigm.

What to look for in a Webinar Tool

Most webinar tools are web-based software packages and there are a lot of different bells and whistles that they offer, but there are a few MUST-HAVE’s if you intend to use it in your marketing program.  I’ve listed the them in the order of importance, with Number 1 being the most important.

  1. Record Webinar –> This is important because then you can use the recorded webinar as a video for your landing page (ah ha… now you see)
  2. Payment integration –> important if you are going to CREATE an offer that IS a webinar.
  3. Landing Page –> A place to send your audience to see your webinar invitation or see your recorded webinar (there are a lot of work-around’s for this, so while it would be great to be part of the webinar tool, that would just be icing on the cake.  not a requirement.)

….. yup….  that’s it.

All webinar software packages have some method for

web access through a computer, smart phone or tablet

So the big question for you is… Can the service record the webinar… and will it integrate with online payment services.

Webinar Tools that Record & Integrate with paymentcheapest way to connect and educate your audience

Go To Meeting:  This is a tool that is part of a much bigger collection offered by Logmein, and it’s the industry standard for excellence.  They offer a series of products designed to help businesses connect with their clients or customers in various ways. Collaboration & Communication:  GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, GoToWebcast, OpenVoice,  I’m highlighing Go To Meeting today rather than Go To Webinar, because they are basically the same product.  The Logmein pricing plans staged to offer more services as they get more expensive AND offer more attendees.  Yes, each program offered through the various software applications has a series of price points.  Each price point has an attendee limitation.  Go to Meeting will allow up to 100 attendees where as GotoWebinar STARTS it’s pricing at 100 attendees. Go to Meeting –>  Cheapest Plan that provides Recording: $29.00, up to 50 participants & 14 day free trial.  No payment integration out of the box. No wonderful landing page.  

Webinarjam:  This web-based webinar tool is made for online marketers FOR online marketers.  This is a top notch fully loaded product that is designed to help you turn your online webinar into your most powerful tool for audience engagement and product upsell.  This tool takes the audience interaction to a different level, by providing the ability to display and “book or sell” products and services right from the webinar page.  Helping your audience step into your office in a genuine and authentic way is the best way to help the people you are meant to serve. This tool has really come a long way and while it is a little bit pricier but it comes with a slew of marketing tools and social media connectors that are designed to jump start your engagements.  T  Webinarjam –> has a single pricing model: $479.00 paid up front for the year ($39.99 a month) or  3 payments of $189.00… or sign up for 2 years for greater discount. Comes out of the box with payment integration, no out of the box landing page… however same company makes: Everwebinar.

Zoom: This is a fairly new comer to the webinar arena and most of the documentation that I’ve seen is about virtual conferences and holding online meetings.  To be honest, I stumbled upon this application entirely by accident.  The Zoom program is similar to Go To Meeting, in that it requires a link and the users need to connect online, but it’s MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE, and the price points are based on attendee numbers AS WELL AS hosting numbers.  In other words.  This tool allows multiple individuals to screen share and talk, there is a “white board” access as well as the ability to record.  For up to 100 attendees… this particular application give you the most bang for the buck!  Zoom –> $14.99 a month for up to 100 attendees, unlimited webinars and it records.  The downside… No payment integration.  Yes, wonderful landing pages. 

WebinarNinja:  This is by far the most powerful webinar solution in this post.  It looks like the price plan is mostly driven by attendee access, the lowest plan has EVERYTHING you need to run, manage, promote and maintain your webinar marketing project.  It is literally a laundry list of the industry standard for marketing excellence.  AND if you pay Annually, you save 25% off the price!  Check out this list of what you’d get: Unlimited Webinars, Unlimited Registrants, Zero-Delay Webinars, All Page Templates, Custom Webinar Pages, Evergreen Webinars, Auto-Recurring Webinars, Free & Paid Webinars, Chat, Questions & Polls, Anytime Offers, API Integrations, Auto Email Notifications, Auto Webinar Recording, Multiple Presenters, Reporting and Analytics, Full Training & Tutorials, Unlimited Support.  WebinarNinja –> $45.00  a month or save 25% and pay $395.00 annually. As you can see… yes to payment integration, wonderful landing pages and auto-recording.

Honorable Mention:

Webinars OnAir:  This product is unique and unlike the other products it is specifically designed for recording Google Hangout on-Air.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with Google Hang Our On-Air these are live streamed events through the updated Google Hangout application that live streamed to Youtube and Google + AND recorded there.  This application provides a registration access as well as payment access and as I just mentioned leveraging the technology of Google-hangouts on air provides the recording.  Currently (as of today 8/19/2017) Webinars On Air isn’t accepting any new accounts, with a message that they are adjusting their software due to changes in Google Hangout. And I suppose there is the downside right there… if you use an application that relies on another application… well, there are bound to be moments like this.   Keep Webinars On Air in the back of you mind, when it resurfaces I expect GREAT THINGS!

Up to 100 Attendees
Auto Recording
Unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes
User management
Admin feature controls
Custom Personal Meeting ID
Assign scheduler
1GB of MP4 or M4A cloud recording
Skype for Business (Lync) interoperability
Up to 50 Attendees
Web audio
Screen Sharing
1-Click Meetings
Dial in conference line
HD video conferencing
Drawing Tools
Personal Meeting Room
Mobile Apps
Keyboard & Mouse Sharing
Call Me
seems to be unlimited attendees
(unclear list from the site)
count down landing pages
payment integration
Jamcast live social media streaming
pay-per-view webinars
automatic recording
social media sharing
Up to 100 Attendees
Unlimited Webinars
Unlimited Registrants
Zero-Delay Webinars
All Page Templates
Custom Webinar Pages
Evergreen Webinars
Auto-Recurring Webinars
Free & Paid Webinars
Chat, Questions & Polls
Anytime Offers
API Integrations
Auto Email Notifications
Auto Webinar Recording
Multiple Presenters
Reporting and Analytics
Full Training & Tutorials
Unlimited Support



2 thoughts on “The Cheapest Webinar Platform will Surprise You

  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting info about the different webinar tools available.
    It is quite an informative table that you provided to compare the different options. It seems as if Zoom offers some excellent value for the price. Which one is your preferred webinar tool?

    1. Honestly, I love GOTOMEETING and GOTOWEBINAR but they are so expensive. ZOOM does a great job and records as well. I also use Zoom for podcasts, so I’m slowly moving over to the ZOOM side. Old habits die hard, and if I had cash to through out the window, I’d still go with GOTOWEBINAR. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.

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