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Retire in 100 Days Challenge

Retire in 100 Days Challenge

The Retire in 100 Days Challenge In a recent online webinar event I was introduced to Russell Brunson and his “Retire in 100 Days Challenge“, which absolutely captured my attention as well as my imagination.  As a successful entrepreneur who has evolved from his first online product (a potatoe launcher ebook) to his current multi-million dollar supplement, software and instructional product lines, I enjoyed his honesty and the fact that he offered the complete online course to complete the challenge FREE to his affiliates, through his bootcamp training. (check out his product 14 day free trial AND free access to Retire in 100 Days Affiliate Challenge) The first step to retiring is knowing what it would take for you … [read more]

Turn Your Passion into a thriving online business

Are Coupons Big Money?

Are Coupon Websites Big Money? Coupons websites are EVERYWHERE, just type your favorite store followed by the word “coupon” and you’ll see pages and pages of results. The question we ask is WHY are coupon websites so popular with Entrepreneurs?  Turns out that coupons are an easy money maker because everyone loves to buy, but no one likes to be sold to.  Coupons (while actually a method of affiliate marketing and DEFINITELY selling something) aren’t seen as sales copy but as a gift or incentive. Wenda O’Neill, author of Coupon Money Mastery 2.0 explains it like this, “Every week, sometimes every day people are shopping. They shop for food, for lawn products, for Pet care, and this time of year, … [read more]

the puzzle of clickbank vendor program

Crushing the 21 Day Manifestation Challenge

Online Entrepreneurs all over the world are experiencing more success thanks to the launch of hundreds of high quality coaches. Many of these high quality coaches also come with a high price tag.  We see prices ranging from $97.00 to $999.00.   Interestingly, there is another company taking a different approach.  Gabriel Publishing is offering 21 days FREE. And they aren’t calling it, coaching… but rather a Manifestation Challenge.  Gabriel Publishing found here:  was previously known as Health Wellness and Success LLC, has a toolbox full of coaching & instructional acumen, so it was a bit of a surprise to see this 21 day program offered Free.   We contacted Gabriel Publishing to find out more about the product. We sat … [read more]

become a clickbank vendor

How to become a Clickbank Vendor

Clickbank is world reknown for it’s affiliate products.  There are scores of articles and blogs listing clickbank in the TOP 5 affiliate marketing leaders it’s no wonder the conversation is generally all about affiliates.  This past month I set out to take a peek behind the curtain at becoming a vendor on clickbank and the schooling I received isn’t one I’ll soon forget. WHY be a Clickbank Vendor? This answer is simple.  EXPOSURE. Imagine you have created an information product.  Perhaps an ebook or maybe even a course.  How would you expect to sell it?  You, poor little unknown you…  would you expect to create an amazing website and magically tap and engage an audience?  Well, that’s a good plan if … [read more]


2017 The New Look of Online Stores for Drop Shippers

In this post “2017 A new Look at the Online Stores for Drop Shippers” I’m going to tell you how you can turn your website into a online store using several free and 1 premium plugin… in under 30 minutes.  But first, let’s reminisce… Remember eBay?  Yes, it’s still around, but not like it used to be.  Remember there were eBay consignment shops popping up in towns all over the country.  What happened? Well.. to be honest, the internet became easier to use and more social, and then of course… AMAZON happened. As online entrepreneurs we are always interested in the easiest, fastest way to get our idea, conversation, product or service in front of the most people who actually want … [read more]


Easy & Fast Way to Connect with Popular Affiliate Opportunities

Easy Way to Connect with Popular Affiliates The best part about Affiliate Marketing is that you are getting paid to write about your topic and before you even have 1 visitor, you already know one thing about them: They are interested in your topic.  It stands to reason, that if you’ve written about Mindful Meditation or Camping Techniques… whoever reads your stuff is doing so because they are interested.  In essence, they have come to you for 2 reasons: Entertainment or Education.  Either way, you KNOW at least one thing… they are familiar and/or interested in your topic (aka niche). Most people (and we are not like most, right?) wonder how writing a 4 paragraph post about running shoes or … [read more] Code is Poetry vs | What Every Online Entrepreneur Needs To Know

WordPress The best description is posted by and is as follows: “WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.” It’s important to understand that WordPress is like software or a platform.  A Really awesome and powerful software.  And it’s maintained by a community of amazing people and developers, who are constantly creating and updating all kinds of cool stuff.  It’s as if by magic, if you imagine something you want your website to do… someone has developed a plugin or theme to do it AND it might actually be free! That’s wordpress. … [read more]

sales funnel in 2 easy steps

Create a Sales Funnel in 2 Easy Steps

What is a Sales Funnel Your sales funnel is an invitation for your audience to learn how to solve one of their most pressing problems or challenges.  It’s less about YOU MAKING MONEY, and MORE about YOU STARTING A CONVERSATION. Yes, there are A LOT of people that have astounding promises with AMAZING video’s detailing how you’ll change your life overnight.   Those funnels work because the funnel makers spend A LOT of money promoting them and getting them in front of as many of their target audience as possible. You and I are different. You and I are going to create a funnel, that is going to invite your target audience to find out more about what you have … [read more]

email marketing relationship

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email Marketing Is Email Marketing Dead? Spoiler Alert:  Email Marketing isn’t dead.  That’s like saying, Direct Marketing is dead and if that were the case, then we would all have less flyers, postcards, catalogs and magazines in our mailbox and we would put a whole slew of people out of business: Mail Delivery, Printing, Address Aggregates and more.   Pretty short post here, Title question asked and answered in the first sentence.  But aren’t you curious as to why everyone is saying it’s dead? The fact is, in the same breath that the online gurus proclaim “email marketing is deal” they resurrect it with another name.  “Online Invitation” or “Social Conversion” or “Sales Funnel Entry” it’s all about collecting an … [read more]

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