Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint Review

Honest review of Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint System

Product Name: Inbox Blueprint 2.0
Product Creator: Anik Singal
Price: $1497 or 3 payments of $597.00
The Verdict: 100% Recommended for some

anik singals inbox blueprint review

Thanks for checking in on our latest online training opportunity review Inbox Blueprint by Anik Singal.

Anik is an incredibly successful and charismatic online entrepreneur who has taken his steps to success and put them into an easy to follow course for online entrepreneurs.   He has even garnered attention from income and success guru Robert Kiyosaki as this method of income leverages both time and money and has the potential to create the residual income that Robert Kiyosaki is famous for promoting.

Inbox Blueprint Background First

Anik Singal’s inbox blueprint program was originally launched in 2014 and has gone through various incarnations and pricing models.  A google search will show that the transformation from the original product to the current product is astounding.  Each incarnation has been popularly received with thousands of satisfied customers and students, with a gazillion of “honest reviews” explaining how after purchasing the product their mind was changed as they were shown the detailed step by step instruction to success.

What’s New in the Newest Version

The good news about having a product that goes through various modifications is that in almost all cases the material is more complete, and easier to follow and more accessible.  As anyone in the online marketing forum will tell you, the first version should never be the last version.  So, that’s great news, because the price tag for this program can be off-putting to the unindoctrinated.


  • Extensive testing and success rating with participants that follow all steps
  • Excellent foundational training that can be applied towards any online marketing program
  • Extensive list of products with high commissions
  • Large community of students
  • Proven Track Record for Success



  • Expensive Buy in
  • Additional costs for more bell’s and whistles
  • Most positive reviews online are part of the marketing program
  • The marketing is very salesy and to some may seem misleading
  • No Free Trial

Final Summary

Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint works.  It’s an exceptional and intense program that when followed step by step will lead to website traffic and profitable resale commission’s of the products that Anik Singal offers.  For many the expensive buy-in is an untenable wall.

To be honest, I see the value in the program, but I personally can not get past the pitchy and pushy and manipulative feeling I get when I hear Anik Singal pitch his program.  There was a time in my online marketing career however, when this approach would have appealed to me, and I see the value.  However, I have come to the place where I see value, authenticity and integrity are making a comeback and programs that push MONEY MONEY MONEY, are being set aside for the programs that promise FREEDOM.

The methods of promotion and sales in the inbox blueprint are slowly being overtaken by more character based and valuable programs. HOWEVER, the inbox blueprint has a lot to offer and is an excellent example start to finish of how to setup an online product and position yourself as an expert, and tap into the educational/coaching online business arena.

For those that find the entrance into the Inbox Blueprint club too steep, I suggest you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer a free trial.

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