3 Great Reseller Opportunities

While Reseller Opportunities aren’t EXACTLY like Affiliate Marketing, in many cases they are similar.

The following three opportunities offer the same convenience as Affiliate marketing:

  1. Vendor does the heavy lifting with audience retention
  2. Vendor offers great product and as a reseller you dictate the price
  3. Vendor is nationally known and respected

There are a lot of ways to make money online, from selling physical products to posting affiliate and partner links and getting commission, in all cases making money is as individual as the blogger.  Your hopes, your dreams, your talents and unique way of looking at the world is what puts the opportunities in your path.  Now it’s up to you be aware of the opportunities.

The trick about making money online is that there aren’t any tricks except perhaps creating multiple streams of income.   As I’ve said before, creating multiple streams is key, as each small piece of combines to make a much bigger whole.

Here are 5 Amazing Reseller Opportunities:

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy –  GoDaddy is the leader in website hosting, domain registration, email and security and as a reseller for GoDaddy you earn commission on every single sale… PLUS you dictate your prices and discounts.  I started selling Godaddy products on my www.easybuildawebsite.com  and using my link for my blogging clients.  The great part about this partnership is that once there is a customer, the powerful Godaddy advertising machine continues to send emails on your behalf.

Reseller Program:

Basic Reseller: $97.00/yr

Pro-Reseller: $297/yr

In addition to making money on other sales, you also dictate how much money YOU will pay for the products you use!


2. Network Marketing
(examples Pampered Chef, Arbonne or Market America)

Network Marketing opportunities are one of the very best ways to make residual income, however many have a steep entrance fee.  Some also require a monthly sale amount in order to maintain your reseller status.  It is important to note, that network marketing opportunities almost NEVER work unless you find a computer that you feel VERY PASSIONATE about.  For instance, I know a health and wellness coach that has made over $100K in one year with Arbonne. She is a driven and amazing woman that can’t stop trying to spread the word of Arbonne’s all natural products.

Network Marketing works, because of the payment and residual income opportunities.

Here are a few links from successful people I know in these two opportunities.

Market America


Pampered Chef

3. Aliexpress

I stumbled across Aliexpress when I was giving Shopify and Oberlo a test run.  If you’ve never heard of Aliexpress I suggest you give is a look-see. Aliexpress is one of the largest databases of ship-direct products. Many of the listings are directly from the manufacturer, and most will allow you to order and have them ship direct to your customer.  However, there is a HUGE downside…. shipping generally takes about 20 days. UNLESS you pay premium prices for shipping, and that will dig into your profits. Having said that take a deep breath and remember… it’s not about the money as much as the value.  In the vast bucket of stuff offered through Aliexpress, there may be nothing and there maybe something that your audience can benefit from purchasing.

You can also simply direct your audience to the Aliexpress link and earn affiliate commission, or you can list the product on your site… and when you you get paid, you use that money to place your order and then drop ship it directly to your client. (that is the essence of drop ship business)

Aliexpress Homepage


As bloggers we enjoy the writing aspect of our daily posts… and sometimes the idea of selling something makes us feel… well, it makes us feel salesy.  And I just want to encourage you to understand that the sales are not your top definite purpose, your top purpose is to help and encourage your audience. Having a product or service you can write about and promote or list on your site that will enhance your audience’s life in some way is a gift you give them.


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