10 Ways Your Teen Can Earn Money Online

Today I’m writing for me.  I have three teenage children, under 18.  While I want them to learn the value of money, I struggle to make myself available to take them to and from the short list of job opportunities for that age group.

To be honest, besides babysitting, there’s the local grocery store.  That’s it.   Except that’s NOT it, is it?  There are literally millions of people making money online and I just spent the last 30 minutes finding 10 that will provide access to online income to teenagers. 

To cut to the chase… if I were going to pick ONE opportunity for my kids, I’d pick UDEMY. I like it because it’s a “set it and forget it” system.  You publish your lessons, and UDEMY does the rest paying 50% of each sale.  

The fact is.. whether your child is 13 or 18, if your child has a talent, there is going to be someone that can learn from them.  Someone that is … where they were… 1, or 2 or even 5 years ago.  You don’t need to have a 4 year degree to know something that can help someone else.  

Let’s take a good look at your kids.  From kicking a soccer ball to photography, your kids know stuff.  AND… I will bet you they could produce 3 to 4 instructional videos in 1 day.  Yeah, they could be done with their first product quicker then a dinner made in a crock pot.

I get it.  It seems a little… scary? But today’s kids don’t have the “technical fears” that we adults might have.  The trick is convincing them that they know something that is valuable to someone one. 

Let’s say your child knows how to play guitar… or tennis… or draw.  Even at their tender age, if they have received instruction and been doing it for at least 1 year, they know more than someone who is just starting.  That’s the beauty of lessons… YEAH, there’s going to be people that know more… but there will also be people (and tons of them) that know less.

Today, I realized I was so worried about keeping them safe online, that I never thought about how they could use their talent to make extra money… easily and quickly, safely using their genuine and authentic talents.  They are still being trained in school to trade their time for money.  To product something that someone will want to pay for… but what if they could create a “lesson”, what if they could teach something… create the product once, then set it free… out into the wild… and let it sell. 

Here’s my list.  It’s a quick list and if you’re interested in more, comment below! (be aware, that not all options are available to kids under 18… but there are some)

To get started:  Checks or Paypal 

In case you aren’t one of the millions of people with a PayPal account… PayPal is an online banking system.  They charge a small fee to accept online credit card and money transfers.  You must be 18 years or older to open this account.  So, if your child is under 18, you’ll need to open an account for them to use.  TO BE CLEAR, this is your account.  

The great news is, you don’t need to link this account to any real bank account.  You can leave the money online and your child can use it online. OR you can request a debit card, and they can use the money for other purchases.  They will only be able to use as much money as what is available, provided the PayPal Account isn’t linked to a real bank account.

The other alternative is to have “a check” issued to your child for payment.  Not all opportunities pay by check, however most will pay by PayPal.  If a check option is available, they are also easy. Usually there is a dollar limit before a check is issued (standard is $100.00) and all you need is to make sure the check name and address are correct in the system so you receive the check.

How your teenager can make money online

Now that you know HOW to accept money online, it’s time to look at the different ways to make it.

The Jobs

FIVERR:  Fiverr is a marketplace that has built its reputation on offering creative solutions for around $5.00.  It’s available for people 13 years or older. Fiverr has the following general service offering categories: Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business, Fun & Lifestyle.

UPWORK: Upwork is like Fiverr in that it’s a talent market place however the business model is different, the customer posts a job, many times with the budget and the contractors contact the customers to get hired.  That way the customers pick from the contracts that have contacted them.  Upwork General service categories are: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, It & Networking, Data Science & Analytics, Engineering & Architecture, Design & Creative, Writing, Translation, Legal, Admin Support, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Consulting. According to their site: With a few exceptions, most everyone over the age of 18 who has an Internet connection can join and work for clients on Upwork, and we’re proud to support a thriving network of global freelancers.  I’ve reached out to find out if there are any exceptions. (I’ll keep you posted)

LESSONS.COM: is a great way for instructors, coaches, personal trainers and professional consultants to connect with people that need their services.  Lessons.com drives potential clients to your listing and you price the job and decide if you want to take it.  You can offer services online, (pre-recorded) or remote (skype or facetime) or in person (at your office or gym).  There is a small monthly fee to be listed as a professional in the area and you must be 18 years or older.  This is particularly good for teenagers who are talented at drawing or musical instruments, or interested in tutoring in a subject where they excel.

 TAKELESSONS.COM is another teacher/instructor/mentor/coach directory. You must be 18 years or older and it’s FREE to teach. When you accept a student into your lessons, takelessons.com will deduct a fee. Their fee structure is unique in that it is a tiered structure. The first 5 lessons of a student you earn 60% of your fee, 6-10 lessons, you earn 70% of your fee, 11-15 lessons you earn 80% and 16+ you earn 90%. Clearly, they are encouraging you to keep your students engaged and learning.

UDEMY –  This is one of the largest online schools available with literally hundreds of categories and opportunities for teens to share their talent by teaching others.  AND the great news is that as of this posting, kids between 13 – 17 CAN be instructors provided they are supervised by a parent or guardian. “You are over the age of 18 or, if not, you are between the ages of 13 and 17 and a third-party parent or legal guardian has agreed to these Instructor Terms, as well as all other of Our terms and policies as shall be posted on Our Services from time to time, and will assume responsibility and liability for Your performance and compliance hereunder.” ALSO, Udemy is free to start and teach.  They take their fee OUT of the sold lessons. ALL the Udemy courses are offered online through their database, one it’s up there it just sells. There are two ways to earn. If the student as an instructor coupon, the instructor earns 97% of the course. If the students find the course through Udemy, then it’s a 50/50 split.

ENROLL.COM To be honest, I don’t know much about this program. It seems like it’s a tutor directory, and while free to join, you earn a percentage of your tutoring fee when the lessons are motived and scheduled through enroll.  It looks like the first two sessions are offered to the student free, and then you can charge. It makes sense since tutoring is a very personal and personality one on one activity.  The great news is that it looks like it’s open to people 13 years or older.

VOICES.COM – this is an interesting opportunity to become an Voice Actor.  Voices.com is a directory of voice talent made available for people looking to hire a “voice”.  You get paid 100% of your billable price, but there is a monthly fee associated with the account.  There is a FREE getting started package, and two other plans, right now there is a discount for the premium plan if it’s paid for the year.  Having said that, I was unable to find ANY indication about age requirement or restrictions for this online directory.  Best guess (and best practices) is that it’s 18 years or older unless supervised and monitored by a legal guardian.

Amazon Mechanical Turk – Sorry guys, you must be 18 to work there… Amazon Mechanical Turk is a great opportunity for someone in front of their computer with high speed internet.  In short, you get paid a few pennies for completing small tasks online.  The more you do, the more you make. You read a question and make a selection, then go on to the next question and make the next selection. Working nonstop, you can reasonably expect to earn I’ve read where some people have reported making $60.00 a week, working 2 hours a day for 5 days.  Another person reported $21K over the course of the year.

LIONBRIDGE Lionbridge has (2) online opportunities, one is crowdsourcing and like amazon turk.  The more you work, the more you make. However, Lionbridge has a lengthy testing period to make sure that quality of work is above standards and in my experience their work is a little more involved.  You need to pay attention here.  They also offer translation and interpreter services (click this link if you’re interested).  There is no specifically outlined age requirement, so to be safe, it would be 18.  There is no fee, if you are accepted you are hired as a consultant.

And I saved the BEST for LAST

MUSICXRAY – and I KNOW this is the one that my daughters are going to want to do.  Sign up to listen to music and get paid 10 cents for every song you listen to.  There are a few rules, like they will be sending emails with the music, so you’ll need to monitor your email account.  I read somewhere that there’s a chance, if you don’t listen right away, you won’t get paid because there is a budget for listening and if others get to it first and use up the budget… well, you don’t get paid.  BUT… it’s music and I KNOW my kids will love this.  The money gets sent to PayPal, and as we already discussed, that account must be opened by someone 18 years or older.

My favorites for my kids?  UDEMY.  I like Udemy because it allows them to create short video lessons that can be uploaded and sold without any kind of ongoing monitoring or connection to students.  From a kids point of view, it’s like using youtube or instagram for videos… except that they will be showing how to do something and getting paid.  

I hope this helps. 

Let me know if you want a bigger list, or a list for specific talents or more.   COMMENT BELOW!





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  1. Great list here. I am a big fan of Udemy and I use them quite often to learn a new skill. I am glad you added that one to you list.

    I had not hear of MusixXray. That is a really nice one and I can see how kids would be very interested in that one.

    I am definitely bookmarking this article for later. Your list here is really awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this. My 2 daughters are looking to try and earn money online so these tips will come in handy. Fiverr looks especially appealing for them.

  3. I have four grandchildren the two oldest are 16 and 13 years old.
    My oldest grandson is not very happy with his part-time job at a Gcocery store but always says that there is nothing else he can do to earn some money.

    I know he is a gifted artist very good in dreawings and paintings and I wil lcertainly show him the possibilities he can do. I will send him your site so he can read for himself and hopefully will give it a try.

    He has certainly “Nana’s” support. 🙂

  4. This article on 10 ways your teens can earn money online was really good. I like the way that it was written in such a way that it was so easy to read and understand! A great job,
    Thank you,

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