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DIY Easy Landing Pages / Sales Funnel Tools Review 2018

I am one of those entrepreneurs that see’s what someone else is doing and thinks… “I can do that” and sometimes I can… and sometimes I can’t.  In all cases, I try.  There are a few tips and tricks that I share in posts and pages on this blog and in my other one for female entrepreneurs and high achievers:  In all cases or watching how the most successful maintain their status, it’s their email list. It’s always their email list. You may think based on your own experience scrolling through hundreds of spammy salsy emails that email marketing is dead, but it’s not.  It’s just no longer all about the money, and it’s more about the painful problem … [read more]

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Membership Websites that Make You Money

To make money online with a membership website, there are a few “gimme’s” that I’m not going to go over, but they should be mentioned. Your Membership Site must provide Value You must promote and/or market your site Your membership site MUST provide value The fact is, if your site doesn’t solve a painful problem or provide some kind of pleasure, there is nothing that I’m going to say that will help you monetize your membership site. Now, let’s just say, for the sake of this post, that you have top notch quality information that people are paying other people to obtain and you’ve decided to throw your hat into the membership site arena. Starting a Membership Site from scratch … [read more]

10 ways your teen can make money online

10 Ways Your Teen Can Earn Money Online

Today I’m writing for me.  I have three teenage children, under 18.  While I want them to learn the value of money, I struggle to make myself available to take them to and from the short list of job opportunities for that age group. To be honest, besides babysitting, there’s the local grocery store.  That’s it.   Except that’s NOT it, is it?  There are literally millions of people making money online and I just spent the last 30 minutes finding 10 that will provide access to online income to teenagers.  To cut to the chase… if I were going to pick ONE opportunity for my kids, I’d pick UDEMY. I like it because it’s a “set it and forget … [read more]

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The Secret to Online Success: The Story of Click Funnels

Click Funnel Delivers on it’s promises I have a love hate relationship with clickfunnels.  I LOVE them, because they are everything that I want to be, they are engaging, they are offering great products, they are offering a great community and fantastic opportunities to learn… I HATE them… because they aren’t… me.   Or more technically speaking, I’m not them.   While researching Click Funnel for this post, I had to do a lot of soul searching.  I needed to really understand my block against them and the success that they say that they offer.   From the outside looking in Click Funnels is a great way to learn about affiliate marketing and coaching and training without having to leave … [read more]

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The Cheapest Webinar Platform will Surprise You

Why Consider a Webinar as a Marketing Tool As an online entrepreneur you may have wondered why there are so many “video” landing pages and online webinar offers.  The answer is simple, they engage your audience. The online video is the easiest method for bringing your message out to the most people.  Think about your product or service offer.  Think about how much of your time is actually saying the same thing over and over again. This is called the EDUCATION  phase of your new client / customer relationship.  This is the period of time that you take to tell anyone that will listen how you solve their problem, in the hopes that they will be interested in what you … [read more]

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Click Bank University – The ONLY Honest Review You’ll Read

About Me.   I’m an online learning junkie.  I love it. I love to learn new stuff, then write about it.  There’s a chance that I’ll have affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to tell it like it is.  Affiliate links are my bread and butter… As my mother always said, “You can’t be the light of the world, if you can’t pay your electric bill” and I’m taking the time to tell you this now, because I want you to REALLY pay attention to this review.  Like me, don’t like me… like that I have affiliate links in my post… don’t like it… put that aside for a minute and … [read more]

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Ready to Make More Money with Your Website?

Are you ready to jumpstart your income and turn your website into a MONEY MAKING MACHINE? No scams no schemes just good old fashion ingenuity and online tools.  I can’t possibly show you EVERYTHING here, but I’m going to get you started and if you have any questions, well, you know where I am. First You need an engaging landing page, a page that explains to your audience how you can help.  You don’t need a website for a landing page, there are plenty of great tools that create landing pages, but before you go off to “the google”, just hear me out.  Because I’m going to tell you about several tools that do EVERYTHING you need, and in everyone’s … [read more]

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Why Every Website Needs a Sales Funnel

Why Every Website needs a Sales Funnel Even if you aren’t selling anything First, let’s get clear. If you have a website, you are selling something.  You may not have a product ready to ship, or a digital system ready to sell, but you wouldn’t be online if you didn’t want to connect and engage people. AND not just any people, but specific people.  We will call these people… Your audience. So, while you may not be packaging, shipping or delivering in the conventional sense of the word, you are providing a “product” with the intent to “sell” it to your audience. Second, do you want to have to introduce yourself to thousands of new people a day… or do … [read more]

Retire in 100 Days Challenge

Retire in 100 Days Challenge

The Retire in 100 Days Challenge In a recent online webinar event I was introduced to Russell Brunson and his “Retire in 100 Days Challenge“, which absolutely captured my attention as well as my imagination.  As a successful entrepreneur who has evolved from his first online product (a potatoe launcher ebook) to his current multi-million dollar supplement, software and instructional product lines, I enjoyed his honesty and the fact that he offered the complete online course to complete the challenge FREE to his affiliates, through his bootcamp training. (check out his product 14 day free trial AND free access to Retire in 100 Days Affiliate Challenge) The first step to retiring is knowing what it would take for you … [read more]

Turn Your Passion into a thriving online business

Are Coupons Big Money?

Are Coupon Websites Big Money? Coupons websites are EVERYWHERE, just type your favorite store followed by the word “coupon” and you’ll see pages and pages of results. The question we ask is WHY are coupon websites so popular with Entrepreneurs?  Turns out that coupons are an easy money maker because everyone loves to buy, but no one likes to be sold to.  Coupons (while actually a method of affiliate marketing and DEFINITELY selling something) aren’t seen as sales copy but as a gift or incentive. Wenda O’Neill, author of Coupon Money Mastery 2.0 explains it like this, “Every week, sometimes every day people are shopping. They shop for food, for lawn products, for Pet care, and this time of year, … [read more]